Equinox Audio

Hand crafted Australian made high end speakers, using the highest quality parts available.
Supplier of Primare and Cambridge components.

Stereo Speakers of the year $2500-$5000
Equinox Eclipse

Make your speakers like new again!
We're currently focusing on speaker upgrades at present, with most older models now able to be upgraded using the state of the art Scan tweeter which is used in all current models.
We also have minor upgrades to most other models without the new tweeter, which consists of modifications to the crossover, wiring, internal damping, and diffraction material.
Standard upgrades start at $600pr, to over $2200pr, depending on model.
Complete overhauls to bring speakers to current specification start at $1600pr, to several thousand dollars. Please email for a specific quote, as there has been many generations of each model over the years.

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