Equinox Audio

The Eclipse is a small bookshelf speaker for small rooms.
At $2900 the Eclipse represents excellent value for money.

Eclipse : Blotting out the sun, moon, etc, by another body coming between it
and the eye or the source of it's light.

Stereo Speakers of the year $2500-$5000

As reviewed in the Sep/Oct issue of Australian Hi-Fi magazine.
Some quotes from the review -
'They're exceptional in every sense of the word'.
'It was immediately obvious that the Equinox Eclipse was delivering true monitor-standard, high quality sound'.
'An extraordinarily flat and extended frequency response'.

See full review here - Eclipse Review

Frequency response

55Hz-30kHz +/-2.5dB @ 3.5M

Harmonic Distortion

<1% 55Hz-100Hz - <0.5% above 100Hz


88dB @ 1W/1M

Maximum SPL

105dB @ 3.5m - Varies with room

Nominal Impedance

8 Ohms

Phase response

+/- 20 Degrees - 150Hz to 20kHz

Recommended Amplification

40-100 wpc

Crossover Frequency


Bass Alignment

Sealed 0.84 Q


1 x 180mm / 1 x 25mm


H 330mm x W 220mm x D 270mm


11Kg each


25mm MDF

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