Equinox Audio

Equinox Subwoofers are as good as current technology allows, using the finest hand selected components from all over the world.

All of our subwoofers share the same components, and attention to detail.
High end drivers using aluminium cones, and ultra high power Redgum amplifiers.
Whether you choose the Equator 0.1, or the 3, you can be confident knowing you have selected an
outstanding product which will provide you with many years of state of the art sound.

Lovingly designed and hand crafted in Australia.

Please click on a subwoofer based on your budget and approximate room size.

Equator 1 - 12" - 500w - $2400 - Recommended room size - 3m x 4m to 4m x 5m.
Equator 2 - 15" - 1000w - $3400 - Recommended room size - 4m x 5m to 5m x 6m.
Equator 3 - 18" - 1500w - $4800 - Recommended room size - 5m x 6m to 6m x 7m.

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